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Security Enhancement Design

Physical security is a key element in the design of all overseas U.S. Government facilities. BPA are specialists in physical and technical security design. The firm has been involved in security design for various U.S. Government agencies since 1981, with an initial task basis consulting contract with U.S. Department of State, Special Projects Liaison (SPL), which later evolved into the Physical Security Division. We have participated in the development of security standards and security hardware standards presently used by the U.S. Department of State. BPA has extensive experience with blast, ballistic and forced-entry design, the design of vault construction, security doors and hardware, secure louvers and penetrations, radio frequency shielding, parent room shielding, RF shielded enclosures, communication centers and special facility designs.

Our security enhancement projects have included retrofitting office buildings to withstand designated blast loads and reinforcing existing building envelopes to provide forced-entry and ballistic-resistant protection. We have performed perimeter security upgrades at U.S. embassy and consulate compounds around the world, including anti-ram and anti-climb walls, fences, gates and barriers, local guard booth designs, security alarms, intrusion systems, and CCTV systems. Within chancery office buildings, we have designed marine security guard booths, safe areas, safe havens, and secured office suites.

BPA is committed to staying on the leading edge of physical and technical security design. We actively participate in research and development projects with our clients and are involved with continuing education with various professional security associations.

Added to this experience are the ongoing working relationships with our consultants, all of whom have experience in security systems designs. We believe that these relationships provide us with unparalleled expertise in the design of security enhancements of U.S. Government facilities both domestically and abroad.