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U.S. Consulate, Frankfurt, Germany

U.S. Consulate Building

The current U.S. Consulate building in Frankfurt, Germany was originally constructed as a hospital center in 1939 by the German Air Force. The U.S. Army occupied and utilized the hospital between 1945 and the late 1980’s. During the time that the complex was a hospital, several additions were constructed resulting in three-, four- and five-story buildings with either one or two basement levels, connected together to create long, narrow, building appendages with rambling, double-loaded corridors serving four-meter deep office areas.

The design/build project involved the conversion of the existing 469th Contingency Hospital, which had been vacant since the 1990’s, into the new U.S. Consulate. Upon completion of the project, the site consolidated all existing U.S. Department of State facilities located throughout the Frankfurt region into a single location. The project consisted of perimeter security design, renovation of the existing facilities into consulate functions including secure and non-secure office areas, a Post Communications Center (PCC) design, and new warehouse building additions.

The construction of this project occurred in two phases. The first phase included the design and construction of one new compound access control (CAC) building and all site work within two meters of the proposed perimeter wall. The second phase included design and construction of three additional CACs, renovations to the hospital building and its secondary wings, and the construction of a new warehouse.